A,B,C, 1, 2, 3

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This fun activity is part of the family of letter games. The principle of these word games is to offer a time-space to memorize the key words and notions of a lesson in a different way. They can be run competitively (small groups compete) or collaboratively (the class must finish as quickly as possible).

Group size: Small Group, Medium Group, Large Group
Equipment needed: flipcharts
Type of the class:  During lecture, in Classroom
Grouping: Individual, small groups
Objective: Approach a content, Observe the acquisition of contents
Lenght: ≤ 20 min (5-20 min)
Keywords: Activity, Game, Words, Memorization, Competition, Collaboration

Example : 

The teacher divides the group into X teams of 5-10 players. For each team he/she prepares an alphabet on the wall (on flip charts, on a whiteboard) arranged as below.                     

The game consists of a relay race. The teams are arranged in single file behind a line, a few meters away from their dedicated alphabet. The first person in each line has a pen in their hand.

A.      N.
B.      O.
C.      P.
D.      Q.
E.      R.
F.       S.
G.      T.
H.      U.
I.        V.
J.       W.
K.       X.
L.       Y.
M.      Z.

At the signal, the first ones in each line run and have to write a word beginning with one of the letters on the wall. Once written, they come back to their team and give the pen to the next one who runs off in turn... and so on

It is not necessary to do the alphabet in order, spelling is not important here, you can write phonetically (the important thing is to quote the key word, besides, the more extravagant the spelling, the more the key word will be memorized by the group.

The winning team is the one that fills in its alphabet first.

The teacher has the winning team explain each of the keywords and also highlights those that the other teams have found.

Use very upbeat or even comical music for a motivational effect.