Erasmus+ Teaching Mobility Platform 

The Erasmus+ Teaching Mobility Platform (ETMP) is a meeting place for academic staff, university departments or any interested stakeholders to find and offer teaching or training mobility opportunities.

On this platform, academics can search for different mobility opportunities offered by other teachers or departments. Also, they can publish their own profiles and get invited for mobility.

Those academics or departments who would like to host a guest lecturer can search among the profiles of the academics and invite them directly on the site or publish their offer for the mobility opportunity and wait for applicants.

Besides these functions, the site offers a wide variety of tools and information about teaching and training mobility for academic staff.

A collection of reports and testimonials is also available in the Best Stories menu.

Discover all opportunities of the site and mobilise yourself!

The ETMP has been built under the Teach with Erasmus+ Project. More information about the TWE+ project is available here.

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