Adopt a test

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This activity allows students to assess and self-assess their understanding of a concept being studied. The teacher provides a short assessment at the end of the lesson, with the marking scheme. Students take the test and then have to correct another student's test and do a quick review together.

Group size: Small Group, Medium Group, Large Group
Equipment needed: No special equipment
Type of class: During lecture, in Classroom
Grouping: Individual, Binôme
Objective: Evaluate the acquisition of content, Self-evaluate the acquisition of content
Lenght: ≤ 60 min (approx. 40 min)
Keywords: Activity, assessment, self-assessment

Example : 

The teacher prepares an assessment with the point value next to each question.

Students have 20 minutes to complete the test.

At the teacher's signal, the students stand up with their pens, leaving their papers on the table and change places according to the teacher's instructions (switch columns or rows for ease). 

The students have 10 minutes to correct the copy they now have in front of them, according to the marking grid. They add any comments necessary to understand the correction.

At the teacher's signal, each student takes the copy in front of them and returns to their own copy. The two students discuss their results for 10 minutes.

Finally, the teacher collects 15 to 20 copies to check and give feedback during the next lesson.