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This fun activity is part of the family of letter games. The principle of these word games is to offer a time-space to memorise the key words and notions of a lesson in a different way.  They can be run competitively (small groups compete) or collaboratively (the class must finish as quickly as possible).

  • Group size: Small Group, Medium Group, Large Group
  • Equipment needed: Whiteboard / Flipcharts
  • Type of class: During Lecture, In Classroom
  • Grouping: Individual, Small Groups
  • Objective: Approach a content, Observe acquisition 
  • Lenght: ≤ 20 min (5-20 min)
  • Keywords: Activity, Game, Words, Memorization, Competition, Collaboration

The teacher displays on the screen or draws on the board a crossword puzzle. (See illustration here.)

The students have to find the corresponding words, the activity stops as soon as the grid is complete. 

Of course, the words must be related to the lesson. 


  •  The teacher can provide definitions 
  •  He/she can use a stopwatch, 
  • he/she can set up eliminations (each group plays in turn, must give a word in 10 seconds, in case of no answer the group is eliminated, the game stops when only one group is left)...