Geographic presentations

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These fun activities can be used for introductions at the start of a session, to make a transition or to form groups before an activity during the session. The teacher asks each pupil to position himself physically in a defined space according to an explicit criterion that he states. To do this, the pupils will have to communicate with each other and therefore give each other information. 

Finally, the teacher highlights the principle sought.

  • Group size: Small Group, Medium Group, Large Group
  • Equipment needed: No special equipment
  • Type of class: During lecture, in Classroom
  • Grouping: Individual
  • Objective: Work in groups
  • Lenght: ≤ 10 min (5 min) 
  • Keywords: Activity, Physical Displacement, Introducing

Examples :  

The alphabet: The teacher asks the students to arrange themselves in a circle in alphabetical order of their first name. The teacher indicates which place symbolises the beginning of the alphabet and which way it should go. 

The teacher can add an additional criterion so that people with the same first name can "rank" each other (age, first letter of the name, etc.). The teacher places himself in the circle. 

Once the circle is made, each person gives their first name in alphabetical order. If mistakes are made, they are put back in the right place.

The map: The teacher points to a point in space (a chair, a table, a bag, etc.) that represents the location of the session and defines the cardinal points. The teacher then asks the students to organise themselves in space according to their place of origin (place of residence, town of birth, country of origin, etc.), respecting the orientation and, if possible, the scale. The teacher also locates himself.

Once everyone is in position, everyone gives their information without moving. 

The teacher can then form teams according to the criterion that suits him or her (the furthest/closest to the centre, cardinal dials, alternating distances, etc.), the important thing being that the criterion is the same for each team.