Gold nugget and rusted cake

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Gold Nugget and Rusted Rake is a simple activity that allows students to express their perception of the past session. It is a very concise form of debriefing that aims to raise awareness/objectify an appreciated element and allow the expression of needs for the next session. 

  • Group size: Small Group, Medium Group, Large Group
  • Equipment needed: No special equipment
  • Type of class: During Lecture, In Classroom
  • Grouping: Individual, Small Groups, Full Group
  • Objective: Evaluate the session, Observe the needs.
  • Lenght: ≤ 10 min (5 min)
  • Keywords: Activity, Training evaluation, Anonymous,

Example : 

At the end of the session, the teacher asks everyone to take a sheet of paper and to write down 4 things quickly and briefly. 

My nugget: what I liked best during the session, what felt good, what I enjoyed.

My rake: what I liked least

An expectation: what I missed and would like to have next time

A desire: what I would like to see appear next time

The teacher can leave a container near the exit so that everyone can anonymously put their piece of paper in it when leaving the room.

Reading the contributions will allow the next session to be adjusted in content or form, if trends are revealed or if relevant requests are made.