One minute paper

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This activity enables the understanding of a concept being studied to be observed. The teacher will ask the pupils a question, and each pupil answers it in writing anonymously.   The teacher collects a number of answers and completes them.  The teacher must not judge the answers. 

  • Group size: Small Group, Medium Group, Large Group
  • Equipment needed: No special equipment
  • When: During Lecture, In Classroom
  • Work by: Individual
  • In order to: Observe acquisition 
  • Lenght: ≤ 20 min (5-20 min) 
  • Keywords: Activity, Anonymous, Observation

Example : 

The teacher asks a specific question about a concept covered in the lesson. The teacher writes the question on the board or displays it on the screen. The teacher indicates that the answers are anonymous and that he/she will collect a number of them.

The students have 5 minutes to think individually and write their answers on a piece of paper.

The teacher collects between 5 and 10 answers and then : 

  • Either read the answers directly and analyse them with the students 
  • or go back to the answers at the beginning of the next lesson.